The Clevedon District Snooker League plays to the main rules of snooker, with the exception Rule 14 under the official rules of snooker. This rule covers the Foul and a Miss, and was removed from our league many years ago. However, the rules under Section 4:1 (ii) and (iii) that cover conduct of a player and allow the referee to warn and subsequently award frames to players should any player "wilfully or persistantly" play an unfair shot (eg. no attempt to try to escape a snooker and just roll up to a cushion could be regarded under this rule), or play ungentlemanly. It is worth noting too, that the referee's decision is final in these instances.

Another interesting offical rule to note is that players are permitted to leave the room during a frame, as long as they notify the referee (Rule Section 4:4). In these cases a deputy can be assigned to watch the frame in their place.

Note also, that free balls must be nominated (Section 3:12 (a)) and it is a foul to play a snooker behind the nominated ball unless only pink and black remain.

Rule Section 3:7 (a) also states that mistakes by the referee are not any players fault. Should the referee forget to re-spot a colour it is re-spotted as soon as the mistake is noticed. Also, if a ball is incorrectly re-spotted after being potted it is taken off the table as soon as the error found. If the ball is replaced on the wrong spot and it is noticed after a shot has been played, it is then deemed to be in the correct position and is left in place.

The official rules stated above were correct as of 21 February 2020.