Monty Cooper Cup

We are currently at the Quarter Final stage of the 2019-20 Monty Cooper Cup. The draws and results for this round and earlier are below.

This cup is played off scratch and is regarded as the cup to win as it dates back to the 1950's.

2019-20 Quarter Finals

Mark Adams (Con A) - Alan Pople (Con A)
Simon Cambridge (Miz) - Ashley Hind (Con A)
Paul Honess (BS20) - Allan Williams (Aces)
Trevor Yeo (Miz) - Pete Skinner (BS20)

2019-20 Preliminary Round

Simon Cambridge (Miz) - Paul Smart (Miz)
Ashley Hind (Con A) WO - 0 Alaster Lindsay (Miz)
John Morse (Con B) - Allan Williams (Aces)


Ashley Hind (Con A)
John Morse (Con B)
Alan Pople (Con A)
Pete Skinner (BS20)
Trevor Yeo