Handicap Cup

We are currently at the Quarter Final stage of the 2019-20 Handicap Cup. The draws and results for this round and earlier are below.

This cup is played with a handicap ranging from 0 to 40. The handicaps are calculated based on the individual players data from the previous seasons' with the exception of the current Monty Cooper Cup champion who is by default off a handicap of zero. Handicaps are listed below for current players.

2019-20 Quarter Finals

Mark Adams [+15] (Con A) - Ashley Hind [+20] (Con A)
Alan Pople [+15] (Con A) 0 - 2 Pete Skinner [+15] (BS20)
Allan Williams [+10] (Aces) - John Morse [+20] (Con B)
Trevor Yeo [+20] (Miz) - Paul Honess [+05] (BS20)

2019-20 Preliminary Round

Simon Cambridge [+05] (Miz) - Paul Honess [+05] (BS20)
Alaster Lindsay [+30](Miz) 0 - WO Mark Adams [+15] (Con A)
Paul Smart [+00] (Miz) - Allan Williams [+10] (Aces)


Ashley Hind [+20] (Con A)
John Morse [+20] (Con B)
Alan Pople [+15] (Con A)
Pete Skinner [+15] (BS20)
Trevor Yeo [+20] (Miz)

2019-20 Player Handicaps

Mark Adams [+15] (Con A)
Dave Brooks [+20] (Con B)
Simon Cambridge [+05] (Miz)
Phil Daniels [+10] (Con B)
Carlo Eposito [+15] (Con B)
John Freeman [+10] (Aces)
Ashley Hind [+20] (Con A)
Paul Honess [+05] (BS20)
Simon Hurley [+10] (Con A)
Nick Lear [+10] (Aces)
Kieran Rennie [+20] (Con A)
Ray Moorcroft [+15] (BS20)
John Morse [+20] (Con B)
Alan Pople [+15] (Con A)
Ron Reeves [+15] (BS20)
Dave Sansum [+20] (Con B)
Pete Skinner [+15] (BS20)
Paul Smart [+00] (Miz)
Allan Williams [+10] (Aces)
Trevor Yeo [+20](Miz)
Matt Young [+10] (Aces)