There are a total of six cups played within the Clevedon District Snooker League. These consist of the main Winter League and the KO Cup for teams. We also have the Summer Cup for teams that has historically been played, but in recent years has not been contended. For individual players the Clevedon District Snooker League has two cups, the Monty Cooper Cup which is played off scratch and the Handicap Cup where each player is allocated a handicap between 0 and 40. The final cup that the league plays is the Pairs Cup which is also played with handicaps.

Below is a brief description of each cup, however for more infomation including fixtures and results please click one of the buttons above.

Winter League

The Winter League is played between September and April every year. It is currently played over twenty weeks of matches where each team plays the others twice home and twice away.

KO Cup

The KO of the KO Cup is a throwback to when the competition was a Knock-Out tournament, and this competition is played between Winter League matches. Due to the reduced number of teams the decision was taken to switch to a league format. Originally the top two teams in the league at the end of the season competed in a final match, however this was dropped after a couple of seasons and now the winners of the league are crowned KO Cup champions.

Summer Cup

We have played the Summer Cup six times in our history. Recently there has not been the interest in it so it has been omitted from our playing calendar. However, that is not to say that one summer it will make a triumphant return.

Monty Cooper Cup

Named after Monty Cooper, a former player of the Clevedon District Snooker League, this cup has been ever present since 1954 and is a the cup that all players want to win.

Handicap Cup

Unlike the Monty Cooper Cup which is played off scratch, the Handicap Cup tries to level the playing field by allocating handicaps to all players. These handicaps are based on previous season results with a couple of exceptions. See the section within the Rules page that explains how the handicaps are calculated.

Pairs Cup

This competition is open to pairs of players who representent the same club, so can combine two players from different teams. The Pairs Cup is also a handicapped competition where the pairs handicap is the total of both players handicaps, devided by two. Should this not be a whole number then it is rounded up.