Only breaks of 20 or above made within the League or KO Cup are eligible for the top break trophy at the end of the season. Below is a list of all breaks made.

12 February 2020Allan Williams40
08 January 2020Mark Adams32
12 February 2020Mark Adams31
02 October 2019Mark Adams30
09 October 2019Paul Honess30
12 February 2020Simon Cambridge27
06 November 2019Mark Adams26
30 December 2019Simon Cambridge25
08 January 2020Phil Daniels25
29 January 2020Mark Adams24
19 February 2020Nick Lear24
13 November 2019Simon Cambridge23
20 November 2019Paul Smart23
25 September 2019Paul Honess22
02 January 2020Simon Cambridge22
08 January 2020Alan Pople22
05 February 2020Simon Hurley22
26 February 2020Simon Cambridge22
16 October 2019Simon Hurley21
26 February 2020Paul Smart21
20 November 2019Paul Smart20
02 January 2020Simon Cambridge20
19 February 2020Paul Honess20

Table Updated: 27 February 2020